Dive deeper into the world of drawing:

There are many ways to integrate creativity in your daily life. If you would love to nurture your creative soul, I'll show you here many ways to plunge into the magic of drawing:

Big new course in the making

Forget about this legend that you need talent in order to be able to draw! That's absolutely not true!  

You can draw and you will be able to draw amazing things, it’s only a questions of practic & techniques. I am going to show you amazing tips & tricks how to draw humans in this new course.  

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Skillshare ist eine Online Lern-Plattform mit über 22.000 Tutorials in vielen verschiedensten Bereichen. 

Ich biete dort einige kompakte Zeichenkurse über Zeichengrundlagen an.

Skillshare is an Online Learining Platforme with over 22.000 classes in many different areas. I am offerening here also some classes about drawing basics.  

Here's a little sneak peek into my class "Animal study - drawing cats": 

Get 2 months of free access to all Skillshare classes over this link:

Get 2 months of free access.

Free Drawing Workbooks

You want to dive into a drawing topic quickly and get the most out of it? These Free Drawing Guides will help you to quickly learn essential basics for drawing:


Tutorials on my blog

My drawing blog is giving you the possibility to learn tips & tricks about drawing and get more insight into an illustrators live, as I am sharing here my challenges and experiences of my work.

It's an amazing way to learn more about art and how you can nurture your creativiy in your daily life.