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Monthly live calls by Barbara Baumann


60 min
Live Drawing Session of a topic you choose.

A monthly drawing class via Zoom
with clear step by step explanations
+ replay
+ personal feedback.

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What is a Live Call?

We meet via Zoom once a month on a Wednesday evening at 7pm CET.
CET = Central European Time, = UTC +1

We draw together for 60 minutes.
(45 minutes of drawing & 15 minutes of feedback)

I'm showing you step by step how to draw specific motifs, like cats, cars, noses, landscapes, textures or shoes. And many more topics.

You can directly draw with me.
I draw either digitally on my pad or in my sketchbook.

Then, I'll cut the live call into digestible lessons, so you'll quickly get access to the replay.

cats and cars by Barbara Baumann
live call feedback

Monthly vs Yearlong

You can choose: either you join uns for 1 live call - or you're part of the drawing gang for an entire year, comprising 12 live calls - one live call per month.

1 Live Call

  • 60 minutes of drawing lessons
    (45 min of drawing + 15 min of feedback)
  • access to the replay for 1 month
  • personal feedback on your drawings
  • possibility to choose the topic

Sign Up for 1 Live Call
(+ replay)

1 Year of 12 Live Calls

  • 720 minutes of drawing lessons (12 x à 60 min)
  • access to over 80 drawing lessons for 12 months
  • personal feedback on your drawings
  • possibility to choose the topics
  • vast variety of different topics
  • high learning effect due to the regularity of the lessons
  • you can cancel anytime

We will cover a lot of topics:

animals, human figures, urban sketching, shading, plants, items of the daily life, texture, surfaces and much more.

live calls by Barbara Baumann

When you sign up for the YEARLING Live Calls,
you get access to all the Live Calls we've done so far: over 80 drawing lessons

Live Call drawing sessions by Barbara Baumann
Live Call drawing sessions by Barbara Baumann

Additionally you'll get access to the replay of the 3-Minute Class live calls,
that we've already done: 30 drawing lessons:

yearlong live calls by Barbara Baumann
live call feedback

What's the difference to the 3-Minute Class?

The Live Calls are the same.
So you could take the
3-Minute Class as well and receive additionally a daily drawing tip & inspiration.

But, if you've already finished the 4 months of the 3-Minute Class
or if you prefer, not to receive a daily drawing message,
or you aren't sure, if the 3-Minute Class is right for you,

the Live Call offers you a vast variety of topics on a regular basis.

And having a regular drawing practice is absolutely vital for enhancing your drawing skills.

The drawing class "Feel the Drawing & live a creative Life" is more focused on creativity techniques, less on step by step methods.

diff classes 60 min

The monthly live calls aren’t really made to keep a daily sketching rhythm.

(I’ve other classes that are designed exactly for that, like the 3-Min Class or the Creative Class “Feel the Drawing & life a Creative Life”)


But the aim of the Live Calls is to stay in the creative room on a long-term base and to have the possibility to dive into a wide variety of topics (which isn’t possible when you enroll in a drawing class for a specific topic, like portrait drawing)


The strength of the Live Calls is its flexibility, its diversity and the fact that it’s giving you the essence of a drawing topic within a short amount of time + the possibility of watching this essence in the replay.

And to get direct feedback from me and the possibility to answer questions.

monthly live calls by Barbara Baumann
live call reference
Sign up for 1 Live Call
(+ replay)

what students are thinking about the live calls:

Live Call Feedback
Tatiana Feedback
Live Call Gigi
live call feedback
live call feedback
live call feedback
Susanne Zeichnungen
Susanne Zeichnungen
Susanne Zeichnungen
Susanne Zeichnungen
Susanne Zeichnungen
live call feedback

Sketch with me.

My name is Barbara Baumann. I am an award winning illustrator and drawing tutor from Austria.

I enjoy sketching a lot and it's always a special and powerful atmosphere, when we draw together. That's why I've created this monthly live call: the regularity and the community, both have an amazing impact on your drawing skills.

Sketchbook lets do this Barbara Baumann

Thanks to all these years of illustration experience and drawing classes, I have gained precious knowledge about the pain points and drawing challenges, that you will get now in a distilled but practically oriented way in my classes, ebooks & tutorials.

My illustrations have been featured in:

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Barbara walks you through the whole process step by step.

She makes you feel that you can do it. She makes it so easy and shares so helpful tips that you will feel that it is possible for you.

— Heidi Seidl

3 minute sketch Barbara Baumann
Drawing live call by Barbara Baumann