No time for drawing,
but you want to commit yourself more to it?

Drawing Class Creative Life

30-Day Drawing Class:
Learn drawing by sketching only a few minutes per day

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You feel so good when you are drawing?
You enjoy this feeling of being creative so much?

But then, you look at the paper and you aren't satisfied with what you are seeing.
You wonder whether, you weren’t talented enough for drawing or using the wrong methods? 

I can already tell you straight ahead, that it’s the latter!

You can become a really great artist when you apply the right methods – for your hand and for your mind.
Within 30 days, you'll learn simple yet very powerful techniques to enhance your drawing skills.

Barbara Baumann Creative Class
Barbara Baumann Creative Class References

No lengthy still-life drawings, but clear tips & methods for 30 days. With this class, you'll make a big leap forward in your drawing progress. Make sketching a daily habit!

Imagine if you could ...

... sketch anything that comes to your mind.
... feel self-assured about your drawing skills.
... life your full creative potential.

You absolutely can do this!

Nurture your creativity and start a daily drawing habit by sketching only a few minutes a day.

Drawing Class Creative Life
  • 1 magic method to learn drawing quickly
  • 9 simple drawing techniques
  • 10 essential components to enhance drawing skills
  • > 30 videos with easy-to-follow methods
  • 30 daily emails full of inspiration, tips & tricks
  • life-time access
  • individual feedback on request
  • free bonus material
Feel the drawing class learnings
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What you will get:

    The Class consists of a combination of online drawing videos and daily messages via email containing drawing tips & references, so that you will get step by step into your very own flow state of drawing.

    Every day you will get a new drawing tip or method for your daily drawing in your sketchbook. It will only take a few minutes to listen to the video instructions or read the message in your inbox – but these small steps will transform your drawing approach entirely.
    After 1 month, drawing will become a precious habit!
    I'll be there for you and I'll answer all your drawing questions and give you feedback to your sketches.

    Additionally you'll receive 2 further drawing video lessons and 3 workbooks covering essentials for drawing, in order to dive deeper into the world of drawing.

> 30 videos with easy-to-follow drawing methods

Feel the Drawing Videos


30 Emails full of inspiration, tips & creative techniques

Feel the Drawing Emails

... so that you can internalize your learnings & creative methods from one day to the next.


Precious bonus material

Feel the Drawing Muschel
  • BONUS: 3 workbooks covering essentials of the drawing process
  • BONUS: Let's sketch together - additional drawing & painting videos
  • BONUS: See the Drawing: a special exercise to experiment the motif with all your senses

You can start with this class anytime, the entire program is planned for 1 month - by sketching only a few minutes a day so that you can easily integrate it in your daily routine.

You will have life-time access to the class so that you can rewatch the lessons as often as you want at your leisure. 

money back guarantee
Feel the Drawing Class References
Feel the Drawing Class References

Inspiration is inside you,
you are creative and you can draw.

Feel the Drawing Class References
Feel the Drawing Class References

Barbara Baumann Illustration

I love sketching.

My name is Barbara Baumann. I am an award winning illustrator and drawing tutor from Austria.

I am giving drawing classes to thousands of students online and local in classes, which is a true pleasure as it is so wonderful to support other drawing enthusiasts to find their own ways of creative expression.

Thanks to all these years of illustration experience and drawing classes, I have gained precious knowledge about the pain points and drawing challenges, that you will get now in a distilled but practically oriented way in my classes, ebooks & tutorials.

My illustrations have been featured in:

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I have A's for your Q's:

Enrolling in the Class is a big decision and I want you to feel good and sure about it. You find here answers to frequently asked questions. But if there are still questions open for you, feel free to write me directly and I'll be happy to answer them as quick as possible:

I can't draw. Is this class for me?

I am explaining every topic of the class with clear guidelines and easy to follow methods that do not require any drawing experiences. Throughout the entire class, we are talking about lots of basics of drawing, like the shading process or the quality of lines.

Additionally, you can learn in a bonus workbook my best proven drawing method how to sketch any motive from scratch. 

When does the class beginn?

The entire class is completely adapted to your own personal needs so that you can easily integrate the sketching time in your daily routine. The modules will be open for the class step by step so that there is enough time to work on each topic thoroughly.

But, you can nevertheless watch and re-watch the lessons and do the exercises at your own pace. 

How long can I watch the class?

You can watch and re-watch the class as often as you want and at your pace and convenience. You have lifetime access to all the modules.

What is your refund policy?

You’ll have a full 14 days to see if my class is right for you. If you determine that it isn’t, just let mes know and I’ll gladly refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings.

What supplies will I need for the class?

You won’t need a lot of material. Basically you can learn drawing by only using a pencil and a sheet of paper. Or a pen. Additionally we experiment with color. But it's up to you, if you use watercolor, acrylics or pastels, for example, or any other tool to add color to the sketch.

How can I show you my drawings?

Below every lesson is a comment field, where you can add your questions or post your drawing and the sketching exercises, so that we can talk about them. We learn so much from each other by sharing our drawings. Additionally you can send me your sketches to my mailbox as well or we can talk privately about your drawings in a LIVE tutorial.

What's the difference between the 3-Minute Class, the Drawing Class "Feel the Drawing & Life a creative Life" and the Monthly LIVE Calls?

diff classes 60 min

At the end of this class you will be able to draw freely in your sketchbook – full of confidence and joy.

You will know how to start a drawing and how to keep up your creative vibes.