How to draw human figures with ease

even if you think you can't draw.

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Drawing the human body must not be complicated at all.

In this ebook you'll get helpful methods to break down the complexity of the human figure into simple shapes.

In 54 pages I am showing you easy to follow guidelines and precious references, how to start drawing a human figure from scratch.

+ further Free Resources to deepen your knowledge

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Barbara Baumann Illustration Figure Drawing Ebook
Figure Drawing Ebook what you get

After the lecture of this ebook, you will be able to draw dynamic poses in correct proportions.

You won't feel overwhelmed anymore by the complexity of the human body, as you are going to learn clear guidelines and helpful drawing tips. You will be able to draw expressive faces with a minimum of lines.

Let's turn some pages and look what's inside the ebook:

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“Barbara is so thorough, knowledgeable and engaging”  

Danielle Kinley Ryland, California

“Simple explanations and easy to follow. Great class, Barbara, thank you so much!”  

Heidi Seidl, Switzerland

"I love her style as a techer, the subtle way she explains complicated things
in such a manner that sounds easy, simple, natural. Empowering."

Adeline Wall, France

Barbara Baumann Illustration

I love sketching.

My name is Barbara Baumann. I am an award winning illustrator and drawing tutor from Austria.

I am giving drawing classes to thousands of students online and local in classes, which is a true pleasure as it is so wonderful to support other drawing enthusiasts to find their own ways of creative expression.

Thanks to all these years of illustration experience and drawing classes, I have gained precious knowledge about the paint points and challenges in figure drawing that you will get now in a distilled but practically oriented way in my classes, ebooks & tutorials.

My illustrations have been featured in:

References of Barbara Baumann Illustration

Figure Drawing Ebook Content

You will learn how to face the challenge of optical fore-shortening in a drawing
and how to add dynamic to a pose.

A practically oriented workbook

  • 54 pages full of helpful tips
  • all you need for starting to draw figures
  • easy to follow guidelines
  • clear step by step explanations:
    you can directly draw with me
  • the belief in yourself that you absolutely can draw a realistic human body
  • additional free resources to deepen your figure drawing knowledge

Figure Drawing Ebook What you get

The ebook contains all the basics of figure drawing based on my years of experiences as an illustrator.

The focus is on all typical pain points of figure drawing, that my students werde facing during the last years in my drawing courses. Broken down into simple steps so that you are soon able to draw complex figures with ease
in natural and expressive poses.

There is no drawing experience necessary. Draw at your own pace, I'll support you in your process.

"Excellent. I enjoyed learning how to draw basic steps to draw human body in motion. Barbara Bauman broke the steps down that made it very easy for a beginner like me. All of her classes are excellent. I now believe I can draw because of Ms. Baumann."

Jiab Wassermann, Spain

“Barbara is a great teacher and her way of explaning and illustrating as we go
is great and engaging.“ 

Miriam Haukebo, Norway

"Very recommendable course! The teaching method is clear and of very good quality!"

Alexandra Grandits, Austria